Sonny "Black Gold" Fishback was born in Nashville, Tennessee and came to Louisville, Kentucky at the age of 13. He attended Madison Jr. High in 1953 and Sonny was one of three black students to attend Ahrens Trade School a newly integrated school. In 1957 Sonny transferred to Central High School joining his lifelong friend The Mohammad Ali where they daily planned and predicted their own future.  All which came true in Ali's case. Sonny's plan and dreams included becoming a nightclub singer and a recording artist. In 1957 Sonny wrote a song called "take off your coat, you ain't going nowhere" which was a mild hit. Sonny Fishback dropped out of school to become one of the youngest and most known performers in Louisville. He ended up at the age of 17 working in local nightclubs alongside older musicians such as "The Top Hat", Charlie Moore's & The Crosstown Cafe and The Diamond Horseshoe up in until 1965.

While on the road working in various nightclubs in 1965, Sonny was booked by an agency in Detroit, Michigan called Rogers & Rogers. He met The Famous James Brown, The Godfather of Soul in Cincinnati, Ohio and was offered a position as a songwriter. Sonny went on to New York City in 1965 to begin his songwriting career while struggling to get a hit record with little success. He decided to form his own label called "Out-A-Site" Records. Sonny with his own label was moderately successful based on the song he wrote called "The Heartbreaking Man" The label itself was discontinued in 1968 due to the constant controversies with James Brown over the name "Out-A-Site".

After Sonny's label was discontinued in 1968 he began to record for a label out of New Orleans called Tou-Sea under the name Sonny Fisher.  The song was called "Oh Love This Is Sonny" again with little success. In the same year Sonny accepted a deal from a company called Duke Peacock from Houston, Texas. While under contract for this company under the name of Sonny Fisher he wrote and produced another song "I'm Going All The Way" Again this song yielded little success. In 1971 Sonny's desire for a hit record again drove him to form yet another label called Brown Sugar Records in New York City. Sonny was able to secure mild distribution for his label and he was the first artist called Brown Sugar. The distribution was handled by a company owned by The Beatles called ABKCO. The release was called "Somebody Stronger" Yet again this release yielded little success. With Sonny's decision to close the label in the early 70's and went into the concert promoting business where he felt much more at home. Some of the first groups and concerts were "Kool & The Gang", The Persuaders, The Chilites, Evelyn Champagne King, The Flamingos, Eddie Holman and many others. In 1975 Sonny felt that he may have finally found his place when he went into the nightclub business called "Night People" where he had remarkable success in a business that catered to high profile individuals also including hustlers and superstars. At this time, Sonny had become and was now known as "Brown Sugar" & "King Of The Game" Sonny returned back to Louisville, KY around 1990 to take care of his aging and ailing mother who died in the early 90's. After his mother's death, Sonny was devastated, drug addicted and then incarcerated for drug possession. During his incarceration Sonny somehow developed a passion for writing, upgrading and delivering of himself and his African American heritage from what he calls an old defiled root caused by the N-word habit. 

Sonny believes that he has been given a new life through his incarceration and has clearly stated: Given one half an hour he could prove to any reasonable person today that African Americans hold the last and only key to peace today. If only some old bad habits are dropped. While being incarcerated Sony wrote numerous books and scripts, the most notable being "Plant A New Seed Of Character". This book and video Plant A New Seed is now available on the Internet in various forms. This book points out to this generation exactly where they are at with society, how they got there, and the only safe and peaceful way out for America. Sonny has today a local TV show on public television on Channel 98 Time Warner Cable every Friday evening @ 6:30 P.M. Where he thoroughly explains and proves that this is the generation that must and will bring change.